Hello, my name is Kelsie!

I'm a current 2nd year MS-HCI student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I'm currently seeking full-time UX/Product Design opportunities.

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Computer Science on May 2018.

During my time at UGA, I had two internships in software engineering: one at The Home Depot in 2016, and one at The Climate Corporation in 2017.

During my final software engineering internship in undergrad, I realized I wanted to be able to have more control over the design and information architecture of the technologies that I was programming. After much discussion with my boss and mentor about my strengths and my passions, they introduced me to Human-Computer Interaction, and explained how I would be a great fit for the field. After incorporating this new-found knowledge into my finalized app, Grouper, I knew that these were the first baby steps into the field of UX - one that I was eager to continue to pursue.

Now, I am pursuing this passion at Georgia Tech's MS-HCI program.

As I have always had a consistent passion in my hobbies of painting and sketching, I am glad I can combine my love for programming and the skills from my hobbies together to create amazing technologies. I'm glad my programming background and software engineering internships helped me realize the possibilities that I have as a professional in technology, and how I can use my skills to shape the future of tech.


My primary career goals now involve pursuing UX Design roles that will enrich the technologies that I am invested in designing with the goal of creating friendly experiences for all people, universally.