The Georgia Way

In my New Media Capstone class, I formed a team with four of my peers, and were assigned a client: The UGA Athletic Association. The UGAAA wanted an app that would encapsulate the mission of The Georgia Way. This mission is the opportunity to provide resources and information to past, present, and future collegiate athletes to prepare them for a life after athletics. The Georgia Way app is a multipurpose platform designed for student athletes to connect with alumni through The Georgia Way Network, access academic resources through opportunity forms and tutoring sign-ups, and more.

During this project, my team underwent the user-centered design process in order to understand what athletes would want from this app. This involved creating surveys to understand athelete needs, and interviewing our clients in order to understand the resources given to the athletes through The Georgia Way initiative. Once we understood this information, we created personas for the different types of users that would use this product, and centered our solution around their needs. With a low-fidelity prototype, we conducted a focus group on current athletes at UGA to test the feel and features of the app, and see what worked and what needed to be improved. Taking this feedback from the focus group, we iterated on our design to come up with the final product.

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