The Georgia Way

App to connect past, present, and future UGA athletes to prepare for a life after athletics


The Problem

The UGA Athletic Association (UGAAA) came to the New Media Institute with a request: to make a mobile app for The Georgia Way, which already has a website at As a part of the New Media Institute, my team was tasked with constructing a mobile app that achieves a similar purpose to the website: to connect past, present, and future athletes and prepare them for a life after athletics. The challenge here was to figure out the best way to display the content on a mobile device, since the content on the website was extremely vast.

The Solution

Our team conducted several methods to identify which features should be prioritized to be transferred over to the app. Our team worked around branding and legal barriers with the UGAAA, and was able to program a suitable app that was passed onto the UGAAA team for further engineering.

My Roles

• Lead Programmer

• Programmed the entirety of The Georgia Way app

• Helped design screens for the app

Methods Used

• Competitive Analysis

• Wireframing

• Focus Group

• Prototyping

Design Process

To be continued...