The Home Depot Map Application

The Home Delivery Map Application is a web app that I made during my internship at The Home Depot. This web application used Google Maps to visualize the starting points and destinations for all of the delivery trucks for The Home Depot. The visualization allowed users to see the routes that the trucks were taking, as well as more information about the certain routes when the user hovered over the beginning mark, the route line, or the destination pin. The user was also able to filter out the routes using drop down menus at the top of the application in order to see only the routes that they want.

In designing this application, I and my project partner reached out to our teams' business analyst and other developers who were informed about the home delivery process in order to understand how to properly visualize the data so that it would make since and have optimized usability to the end users: business analysts, project managers, and THD clients. This application is now in production and used internally on the Home Delivery team, especially for their Project Managers, in order to help visualize the delivery truck process to clients and other coworkers.

Thanks for looking!