Grouper is an iOS app I created for my internship at The Climate Corporation. I built this app from scratch using Swift and an internal API used within Climate in order to manage feature flags for Climate's app, FieldView. The purpose of this app was to make it easier to manage feature flags with the implementation of a better user experience.

Lots of design decisions were made through design meetings with Climate's design team and with the users of the product, and I learned a lot about iOS programming and UX design decisions along the way. I also followed the Agile development process, and learned how to use version control and code reviews in a corporate setting. At the end of my internship, I was able to run Grouper through Fabric and out to production as a downloadable app. Because of this, Grouper is now used internally by the company in order to more easily manage feature flags, saving time and money because of this more efficent process.

Thanks for looking!