EBT Solutions in Farmers Markets

This semester for my HCI Foundations class, I am a part of a team of four who are tasked with implementing the entire user-centered design process in order to create a solution for a problem space of our choice. We chose the problem space of the EBT process in farmers markets because of feedback we heard from our peers about local farmers markets and the difficulties and frustrations of the current EBT system. Learn more about the background of the EBT system in some Atlanta farmers markets here: EBT Usage at Farmers Markets Proposal, Usability Criteria, and Design Implications. After conducting background research, we created task analysises of the current system and how each party (EBT users, vendors, and managers) interact with the system. We also conducted interviews of each of these parties during a farmers market, and gained a lot of insight into user profiles and each user groups' opinions on the farmers market EBT process.

In the future, we will create multiple design ideas for solutions by creating storyboards and prototypes, and iterate on these using user feedback and usability testing. Stay tuned for the updated project as our team progresses throughout the semester!

Thanks for looking!